Everyone wants to get to the top  ...Everyone wants to get to the top ...

... we’ll lead the way!  (Gerald Fränkl)... we’ll lead the way! (Gerald Fränkl)

We are leaders in individualized and trustworthy interactions with our customer and employee relationships. Personal service is standard with us – no exceptions!

Are you looking for efficient and modern solutions for your personnel needs? We look forward to your call and to your questions about our business and services.

  • Personnel supply ... when you need short-term personnel due to variable demand
  • Short-term to full-time  ... when you would like to hire on an employee whom we previously “lent out” to you
  • Personnel recruitment ... when you need a new employee and are looking for a quick hire
  • Payroll-Services ... when you want to retain your employees and know-how, but also want to reduce your head counts or fixed costs